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  • TMJ i-CAT Scan
    • 3D imaging of the temporomandibular joint and associated structures such as the cervical spine, airways and symmetry of the skull.

  • Implant i-CAT Scan
    • 3D imaging of the mandible or maxilla for implant site assessment. Compatible with 3rd party software (Simplant, Nobel Biocare) for use in planning stages of implant placement

  • Orthodontic Surveys
    • Surveys may include a lateral cephalometric and analysis an AP view, panoramic film, and 3D views using the iCAT CT Coned Beam Scanner.

  • General Head and Neck Xrays
    • Full compliment of head and neck Xrays, encompassing bitewings, periapicals, OPG's and full series skull and neck examinations.
  • Medicare advises that scans do not necessarily need to be performed at a particular location, however where a practitioner requires specific information it is advisable to do so at the clinic indicated.
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