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About us

We specialise in head and neck imaging and facial-maxillary radiology and are fully accredited by all the relevant bodies, both state and federally.

Our team of technical/administrative staff and specialist doctors have had extensive training and experience in this area and we are involved in teaching and lecturing activities both here and overseas.

We have special interests in Implantology, T.M.J. dysfunction, 3D Orthodontics and 3D modelling.

We liase with our colleagues from the United States, England and Sweden to share information and are currently involved in the establishment of guidelines for emerging technologies.

Our services include imaging and radiology for dentists and specialist dental practitioners/surgeons. The services include basic examinations such as the traditional O.P.G, Ceph/Skull views, bitewings and periapicals, to the latest in sophisticated imaging techniques using the Imaging Sciences iCAT units.

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